Traveler Review: Honeymoon Memories in Peru


honeymoon couple at Machu PicchuHoneymoonin’ it at Machu Picchu.
All photos courtesy of Keith and Erin J.

Keith and Erin J., a lovely couple from Utah, recently returned from their adventurous honeymoon to Peru. They started their journey in the southern jungle region of Puerto Maldonado and then traveled to higher Andean altitudes, all the while making unforgettable experiences. In their recent review, the couple thanked expert travel advisor Adrienne M. and the entire Peru for Less team for their assistance.  Of the 800 plus photos Keith and Erin took during their trip, they shared some of their favorites with us!

Keith and Erin Take on Peru

“Hi Adrienne!

We had an AMAZING trip.  Keith has traveled all over the world and he said that this was one of the best trips (if not the best) that he has ever been on.  The trip was extremely well organized and everyone at Peru for Less handled any changes that we encountered.

It was so nice to have transportation already arranged for us and a representative to meet us at our destinations. The hotels were beautiful and all were located in places that were safe and walkable to local sights.

Our tour guides were phenomenal. Each and every one of them were extremely passionate about their country, heritage, and what they do. Their excitement really enhanced our experience and helped us appreciate what we were seeing.  I would highly recommend each one that we were given.

canopy tour in Puerto MaldonadoExploring the canopy of the Puerto Maldonado jungle region.

It is so hard to pick out highlights from our trip since it was such an adventure.  In the jungle we caught (and ate) Piranha, tracked a pack of wild pigs through the jungle, and saw a variety of jungle animals.

Our guide that transferred us from Cusco through the Sacred Valley took us to a roadside stand where we were given guinea pig on a stick.  We then drove to a local “watering hole” where we were able to sample Chi Cha and see how it was made.  It was an experience that was “off the beaten path” and something that allowed us to experience some of the local favorites.

reaching the top of Huayna PicchuResting and enjoying the view atop Huayna Picchu. Well done!

The hike up Huayna Picchu was breathtaking (and exhausting/terrifying) and the Machu Picchu tour literally gave us chills.  We took 800 pictures but I have shared a few of our favorites.

Thank you for helping us organize a truly incredible and unforgettable experience.

Erin and Keith”

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