Traveler Review: Planned to perfection

"The service you provided us was extraordinary, from helping plan the trip and making adjustments, to finalizing it," said Ed M. in this week's traveler review.
by Peru for Less

Our team takes pride in helping travelers plan dream vacations to South America and enjoys hearing back from those who we’ve worked with. Jerry and Ed recently returned from a trip to Peru and wrote a raving review about the amazing service they received from travel advisor Kelly C. She planned a flawless itinerary and masterfully took care of some last-minute passport details before their departure, enabling both gentlemen to enjoy a worry-free trip, from start to finish. 

A Peru trip, planned to perfection

“Hi Kelly,

The service you provided us was extraordinary, from helping plan the trip and making adjustments, to finalizing it We appreciate your help even more knowing that our trip was planned at the last minute.  The fact that I originally provided you with an expired passport, and that you updated everything on the fly after I received my new passport was truly amazing.  

It’s a tribute to your agency, and especially to your planning, that all our guides knew our entire itinerary. Our exemplary guides in Peru were David, who very tactfully gave me his candid opinion about whether I could do the Inca Trail, and Saul.  We also appreciated the periodic itinerary briefings that we received from the people in your company.

The pass off from one tour guide (or bus driver) to the next activity or hotel was seamless.  The logistical planning that you did was flawless and all the personnel involved with our trip were punctual about meeting us ontime. We never had to worry about anything!

We certainly feel that it was you who made it all happen, and we look forward to contacting you about future adventures.

Ed M.
Philadelphia, PA”

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Peru For Less offers a wide range of customized tours to destinations throughout the country. For more information, call and chat with one of our expert travel advisors to start planning your dream trip to Peru today!

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