Traveler Review: The Superfairy in Latin America

Fashionista and travel addict, Lena, from The Superfairy blog raves about her trip with Latin America For Less.
Four strips from different images in destinations: Cusco, Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu, Machu Picchu
Lena takes on Latin America. Collage photos from The Superfairy blog

Planning a trip to South America can be overwhelming.  There are transportation arrangements to contend with, and of course the abundant selection of activities, tours, and different hotels to pick from. This is where Latin America for Less comes to the rescue.

Our team helped Lena, a freelance stylist and personal shopper from Singapore, organize a whirlwind adventure to some of South America’s most raved about destinations. Lena writes about her passions for fashion and travel on her blog, The SuperFairy.

“After postponing potential trips to Latin America for a good two years, this was the year (2014) I just HAD to make it happen,” she says.

Recent posts on Lena’s blog feature the highlights from her South America trip. She also shared some kind words about her experience working with our team.

The SuperFairy

“My Latin America trip went like this: Singapore – Sao Paulo – Rio – Iguazu – Buenos Aires – Lima – Cusco – Lima – Sao Paulo – Singapore.

Personally, this kind of arrangement needed a whole lot of commitment if I did this on my own and without Latin America for Less, there was absolutely no chance of this happening within this year.

I wanted to visit more than one city in Latin America. This means, I need to get my arse across multiple cities, multiple airports, different flights and hotels. Unless, you have the time to do hours of research online, to select WHICH hotel, WHICH airport and WHICH flight bookings you will make. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, you still need to figure out HOW the daily logistics, how to see the sights you want et cetera.

I’m never 100% sure if the hotel I’ve seen on TripAdvisor is all as it seems. I recalled a certain budget hotel I booked myself for my stay in Limmat, Zurich. It had decent reviews on TripAdvisor but when I actually got there, it was quite horrendous and I was unable to change elsewhere as the entire stretch of hotels at the Limmat area were fully booked at the time of my visit.

With LAFL, they take this kind of nonsensical worry out of your hands.

I really want to say thank you to Richard who is beyond amazing. He took my first ranting email, read it, immediately understood what I wanted then and was so consistently lovely every step of the way. To Matt, who was extremely generous – even took time to reply to my emails which he deemed urgent when he was out of office and to Amanda, my gorgeous travel advisor who helped me arrange everything A-Z on my trip. I owe it to all three of them that I experienced the wonders of Latin America this year. BIG THANKS.”

Read Lena’s full blog post, “I Chose Latin America for Less (LAFL),” on The SuperFairy blog.

Snapshots of The Superfairy (aka Lena) in Latin America

The Superfairy in Buenos AiresStroll the colorful streets of Buenos Aires.

The Superfairy in Iguazu FallsBe awestruck at Iguazu Falls (the Brazil side).

The Superfairy in CuscoDiscover Cusco.

The Superfairy in RioFun in the sun, Rio style.

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