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two Peru For Less travelers spending the day on the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, PeruKathie and Jim at the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, one of many unique Peru destinations.
Photo courtesy of Kathy and Jim B.

Kathy and Jim B. from the North Star State of Minnesota weren’t looking for a generic tour package when they set out to plan their dream vacation to Peru. In fact, crammed tour buses, large guided tours, and generic hotels were exactly what they wanted to avoid! After reading several positive online reviews for Peru For Less on Trip Advisor , the couple sent us an email to learn more about our fully customized trips – a decision that left them thanking their lucky stars!

Expert travel advisor Rylee M. helped the couple plan the perfect travel itinerary to Peru, and the hard work of the Peru For Less team didn’t go unnoticed by the couple in an amazing review they sent us earlier this month.

An adventure through Peru

“My husband and I feel personally compelled to enthusiastically thank Rylee M. and the Peru For Less team for the great job they did helping us plan our recent trip to Peru!

Before finding Peru For Less, I researched many assorted tours to Peru and Machu Picchu online and started getting pretty frustrated because none of them seemed right for us. Each of the tours I came across were either too long of a trip, too short, too fast-paced, too inflexible, or too expensive! Then I came across TripAdvisor and several people mentioned being pleased with the assistance they had received from Peru For Less. I decided to contact them and within half an hour I had a response from Rylee, our travel advisor.

Over the next few weeks, Rylee answered a gazillion emails and questions from me in an incredibly timely manner. She had tons of information at her fingertips, made very helpful suggestions, and was extremely proficient in helping us put together just the kind of trip we wanted.

My husband and I like to take enough time in each place to get a real feel for it; to be able to relax and breathe a bit and absorb the ambiance, rather than just cramming each minute with one more place to go and one more thing to do.  Rylee helped me add additional “unplanned” days, choose hotels that fit our preferences for local character, and helped us select the perfect tours.

During our trip it felt like we were traveling independently, but without any of the worries involved with having to handle every detail on your own. My husband and I were met promptly at every airport, train station, and hotel by friendly drivers and guides. We never had to worry about finding a reputable cab or worrying about whether the time schedule we came up with would actually get us where we wanted to go on-time. There was an emergency number for us to call at any time, but we never had to consider using it.

two Peru For Less travelers posing for a photo infront of Machu Picchu in PeruKathie and Jim are all smiles at Machu Picchu!
Photo courtesy of Kathie and Jim B.

Despite having to climb some steep hills in high altitudes, Peru For Less and Rylee made it as easy as one could possibly hope for. We enjoyed every stop; from charming Cusco and the step back in time at Ollantaytambo to the amazing tour of Machu Picchu and the luxurious train ride to Puno. The day we spent visiting the unusual floating islands on Lake Titicaca is one we will never forget!

Every time we sat in our comfortable car with an excellent driver navigating the narrow, crowded roads, we thanked our lucky stars that we were not on the big tour bus crawling next to us.

Upon arriving at a new hotel, we were given restaurant suggestions and did not have to waste time roaming unfamiliar streets to find dinner. All our guides were well-informed, passionate, and spoke excellent English. With the help of Rylee’s insight, the hotels we stayed at in each destination were comfortable and well located.

The whole trip was just great, and I can’t say enough for the part Rylee M. and Peru For Less played in it. I’d recommend them to absolutely anyone!  Their customer service can’t be beat!

Kathie and Jim B.
Minnesota, USA”

Experience a Fully Customized Tour of Peru

Peru For Less can help you plan a dream vacation to many destinations throughout Peru. From Inca ruins to jungle adventures, our team can plan it all!  Check out our fully customizable tours and then call and chat with an expert travel advisor today!


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