Traveler Review: Appreciating the small things

Traveler Svetlana L. reminds us that even small details can make a lasting impression.
by Peru for Less

Our team loves helping travelers plan their dream vacation to Latin America. From natural wonders to ancient ruins, the diversity of this continent is very special and we look forward hearing about each traveler’s experience.

Svetlana L. recently got back from an unforgettable trip to Peru.  Before diving back into her busy New York schedule, she wrote to tell us that she felt right at home in Peru and reminded us that even small trip details make a lasting impression.

Attention to details

“Our Peru adventure was one of the best vacations we have ever had!  We had some unique cultural experiences, learned a lot about Inca history, ate great food and met the nicest people in the world.

Our tour was organized very well and the people who provided the services really made us feel at home. Everyone was nice, punctual, knowledgeable, and helpful!

We trekked the Lares trail with the travel guide Freddy from the Wayki company.  We had a great time with him from the first minute we met him until our final goodbyes. On our last night in Aguas Calientes Freddy noticed that both Viktor and I like coffee a lot and recommended that we buy some organic coffee at a market in Cusco.  We explained that our train was going to arrive in Cusco at 8 in the evening and we had to leave the next day at 7 in the morning, so we wouldn’t have enough time to stop at the market. You can imagine how surprised we were when we found a message from Freddy and a pack of organic coffee waiting for us in our hotel in Cusco! I was very touched by his warm gesture.

Thank you very much for helping make our Peru vacation unforgettable.


Svetlana L.”

Machu Picchu Mountain, Peru vacations, Peru For LessSvetlana and Viktor conquered Machu Picchu Mountain!
Photos courtesy of Svetlana L.

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