Traveler Testimonial: A second dose of adventure in Chile

Travelers Donna and Roger discovered the natural wonders of Chile, a trip made possible by their travel advisor who they describe as a miracle worker.

Traveler Testimonial: A second dose of adventure in Chile

Chile, Peru For LessTravelers Donna and Roger enjoyed blue skies amid beautiful Chilean scenery.

Travelers Donna and Roger recently returned from their second dose of South American adventure. A few years ago they experienced the wonders of Peru, a trip planned by Kelly C. at Latin America For Less, and they immediately contacted her again as they prepared for their recent trip to Chile. The couple witnessed some of the continent’s most beautiful landscapes and had a wonderful time thanks to travel advisor Kelly C., who Donna described as a miracle work, customized for them.

A second dose of adventure

“We just finished our second trip customized for us by Kelly C. at Latin America For Less and can once again recommend her and this company very highly. We traveled Peru with her help several years ago and were extremely pleased with how well organized everything was,  so when we heard we’d be heading to Chile (I had work there) we immediately contacted Kelly.

Kelly was a miracle worker with this trip because the company I worked for messed around with our tickets repeatedly and we didn’t get them until four days prior to our departure. Given that two of those days were weekend days we know Kelly really had to scramble to pull everything together for us. We shouldn’t have been nervous because everything went as smooth as silk – our tickets waiting for us at our hotel, drivers at the ready, and hotels great.

The highlights of our trip included;

  • The hard work and flexibility in getting this trip together so last minute – thank you!!

  • Our bus tickets were waiting for us when we checked into our hotel in Santiago.

  • Our seats on the bus were awesome – top deck, front row!

  • The Finis Terrae hotel was very nice with a great central location

  • The Natalino was excellent! We loved it! So cool!

We had a wonderful time thanks to Kelly and that’s saying a lot with such an inauspicious start. Thank you Kelly!!

Donna G.”

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