Traveler Testimonial: Take off your boots and relax

Can you read a testimony like Tam-Anh’s and not be inspired to travel?
by Diego Ortiz

When we open our inbox every morning, we are bombarded with traveler reviews that inspire us. Helping someone plan a dream vacation that they will remember for the rest of their life is a truly rewarding and motivating experience. When we can transport our travelers to one of our unique destinations to experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment, we feel a sense of pride.

We feel a connection with our passengers that is built on a very strong bond: the love of travel. So when they share their stories and pictures with us, we feel an urge to share them with you in order to inspire you to hit the open road, as well.

I mean, can you read a testimony like Tam-Anh’s and not be inspired to travel?

“Thank you for all of your help planning my trip to Peru. My sister and I had a truly magical and wonderful time.

Machu Picchu was definitely the highlight of the trip and I’m so glad we planned two days there.

Overall, it was such a pleasure working with you. I so appreciate how responsive you were throughout the entire planning process.

After completing our tour of Machu Picchu, my sister and I climbed to this terrace, took off our hiking boots and just relaxed in the sun while taking in the view of Machu Picchu. This was probably my favorite memory of the trip.

It was truly magical and we stayed there enjoying the breeze and the view until the site closed. Definitely a huge check off my bucket list.

Thank you for making everything possible!


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