Traveler Review: Hazel and Bonny’s transcontinental trip

We're thrilled to hear that we didn't miss a beat in helping Bonny and Hazel plan an amazing and exotic trip!
by Peru for Less

Iguazu Falls, client testimonial, Argentina For Less
Adventurers Bonny and Hazel at Iguazu Falls.
Photo from Hazel G.

Our team at Latin America For Less loves sharing the beauty and diversity of South America with fellow travelers. This week’s testimonial comes from two friends, Bonny and Hazel, who first contacted us with only a month before their October departure to South America.  With the help of expert travel advisor, Rylee, they were well prepared for their action-packed adventure through Brazil, Argentina and Peru. We’re thrilled to hear that we didn’t miss a beat in helping Bonny and Hazel plan an amazing and exotic trip!

Hazel G. and Bonny take on Brazil, Argentina and Peru

“My friend Bonny and I had A BLAST!  South America was amazing and Latin America for Less really impressed us!!!

My best friend and I hastily planned a trip to South America only a month in advance.  We had read some rave reviews on TripAdvisor for Latin America for Less so we figured we’d send an email to see what they could do for us.

Let me start by saying that they were prompt in their response and practically had a full-blown itinerary to us within 2 days or so. We only had to give them a range of dates (12 days) and a set of countries we were interested in visiting (Brazil, Argentina, and Peru) and everything else was cake.

After everything for our trip was booked, Rylee, our travel advisor, followed up with us several times before the trip and sent informative emails to make sure that we had everything in order; including visas, reciprocity fees, and packing suggestions.

Machu Picchu, client testimonial, Peru For Less
These friends are all smiles at Machu Picchu, the eighth wonder of the World.
Photo from Hazel G.

Even seeing how diligent the team at Latin America for Less was before our departure, I had no idea how above and beyond they would go. There was a driver waiting for us with our name on a whiteboard at every airport. Our tour guides were more friendly and informative than I could have imagined.  They were beyond helpful and all of them told us without hesitation to call or email them should any issues arise during our stay in their town.

Latin America for Less didn’t drop the ball in a single spot. Our hotels ranged from jungle lodges to boutique hotels and were all staffed with polite individuals, centrally located, and impeccably clean.

My friend and I kept commenting during our trip how glad we were that we chose to book through Latin America for Less. They didn’t miss a beat and we had the most amazing and exotic vacation because of them.

I would recommend them to anyone thinking of going to South America.  In fact, I’ve already told some friends who asked me about the trip to contact Latin America for Less.”

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