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Peru Travel Insurance: Go Covered!
Close up view of Machu Picchu ruins, you can appreciate the details on the ancient Inca stonework

Peru Travel Insurance: Go Covered!

You can choose ANY travel insurance plan and company. We can book it for you as a complimentary service.

Let Latin America for Less purchase your travel insurance for you - and we’ll cover a portion of the cost!

Book with our trusted insurance company, iTravel Insured, and not only will we book it on your behalf but we will also cover the following percentage of your premium:

  • Up to 39 years old -> 70%
  • Up to 49 years old -> 60%
  • Up to 59 years old -> 50%
  • 60 and over -> 40%

We support iTravel Insured based on its comprehensive policies and proven track record in excellent customer service. Use the link below to review the details of the iTravel Insured policy that we recommend, “SE Insurance”:

If you prefer a different insurance company, no problem! We can purchase your travel insurance with the alternative company of your choice as a complimentary service. We will cover the cost of the insurance expense that equals 3% of your total travel package with Latin America for Less. You can receive this benefit if you pay by check, direct deposit or wire transfer.

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