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Sense Peru

Sense Peru is an online travel publication.
Each edition gifts you expertise about everything in Peru.

N008 | Everything Ceviche

Shoutout Learn about everything ceviche!
This page includes the history, the best ceviche recipes, restaurants, insider tips and more

N007 | Honeymoon in Peru

Shoutout Planning a honeymoon in Peru?
Browse our honeymoon guide to find expert recommendations for the most romantic dining, lodges, spas, and treks in Peru.

N006 | Treks to Machu Picchu

Shoutout What’s the best trail for you?
The Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu may get a lot of the glory, but the alternative treks shouldn’t be overlooked. Compare your options.

N005 | Huaraz & Cordillera Blanca Travel Guide

Shoutout Paradise for Outdoor Lovers!
Discover our introductory guide to this central mountainous region that’s still off the beaten path to the majority of travelers coming to Peru.

N004 | Lima Restaurant Guide

Shoutout To all the food lovers out there!
Digest the food scene of Lima, Peru. Discover the city's wide range of delicious menu options and download our free city restaurant guide!

N003 | Bike Guide

Shoutout Biking in Peru?
This how-to is for you!
Discover the best places in Peru to go biking, get safety tips, and skim listings to rent or buy.

N002 | Ecotourism in Peru

Shoutout Calling out volunteers!
Here you’ll discover great NGOs to work with. Get info about ecotourism in the Amazon and nonprofit organizations. Also download our free ebook!

N001 | Vegetarian Guide

Shoutout Vegetarian in Peru?
This Vegetarian Guide to Peru is a must for you! Discover superb veg restaurants in Peru, get tips for dining out, and where you can shop organic in Lima.