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Peru Travel Reviews – Letters page 126

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New York - USA

Thanks for following up. Peru is quite an extraordinary country. There are so
many things to see and we only sampled the 2 among them, Inca trail & Manu.
These were both awesome for me. The town of Cusco, the snow peaks of the Andes,
the high rainforest, the mystical Inca ruins, the Peru people, the magical city
of Machu Picchu, the ruggedness and beauty of the jungle all made for an
unforgettable adventure. Some of the girls were a little overwhelmed by the
insects in Manu, but c’est le vie.

By the way, the Inca trail tour and the Jungle Tour companies were good.

I will certainly be returning to Peru at some point. Possibly another Inca
trail trek (with a stay in Sancturay Lodge for night viewing of Machu Picchu
under a full moon), at least 2 days at the Peublo Hotel (really nice place,
& Aguas Calientes is a unique town), Lake Titicaca, Galapagos, etc. I’m up
for an Ayawaska journey in the jungle as well.


Well, we successfully finished the Inca Trail, though we do have some sore muscles. It was great. Wilfredo Surco, our guide, and his entire crew were the best. The explainations of the Trail, the ruins, Inca and Peru history were a real plus in understanding exactly what we were viewing and experiencing.

Dhirendra (Dennis),
United Kingdom.

We’re fine thanks. Peru was great – had a fantastic time and loved the
Colca Canyon (thanks for the rec), Nazca and (of course) Macchu Picchu.

Shame we did not get to meet you.


South Africa.

PERU- I enjoyed every moment, you guys are truly well organised. The only thing was it was very rushed. If I had to do it again, I would take more time in certain areas.The hotels and guides were great. So l can carry on and on praising. When I tell anyone about Peru I say they should visit now cause in a couple of years it will be the next best tourist destination. I got this months news letter and I have to go back and do the north of Peru.It looks great. Now I will tell you the real purpose of my trip. The Celestine Prophesy.I read it many years ago and I knew I had to go.I returned to Machu Picchu the next day after the tour and sat on the rock In the Sun Temple for over an hour in the rain. That experience is etched deep in my heart. No photo will ever do justice to such an amazing place. Michelle is wanting to go work in the jungle,she is totally in love with forest and the lodge. Richard this is just a quick summary but Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Take care,

Glen Arm, MD.

Where to begin…? Highlights: Arequipa- Hotel Casa del Melgar, walking tour of the city, our fabulous tour guides, the drive to Colca Canyon, coca leaves, coca tea? the views at 16,000 feet were breathtaking, Pozo Del Cielo Hotel in the Colca Canyon. Cusco- everything, especially the Sacred Valley tour, and I loved Ollantaytambo Hotel Arqueologo, the Inca Trail was unreal. Machu Picchu- well, words cannot express my wonder and delight at all of the history and ruins throughout our journey. I could go on and on….our adventure was more than we imagined. Every transfer was seamless. Thanks for everything. Your patience and professionalism were stellar.

Santa Cruz, CA.

I did finally end up seeing Machu Picchu which is definitely awe-inspiring and worth the trip. My guide was great and really informative. It was an amazing experience. Also, I just want to thank you for making all the arrangements for Cusco and Lima. Both towns were beautiful in their own way. Cusco is like a golden jewel at night. The people were nice. The hotel staff at Plaza de Armas was great-very informative and helpful. The hotel staffs at all the other places were great. Lima on the other hand was very metropolitan which was a nice change from the small town of Cusco. And I particularly loved the beach there in Miraflores. Great job from you for setting up my hotel stay in Miraflores (the hotel staff was excellent- warm, informative and the accommodations were very modern, clean, and comfortable). All in all, I enjoyed my trip. I hope to go back to Peru again. The people and culture and land were something I’ll never forget.

Thank you,


I’m glad you liked the book – if you ever get to this area (when it’s ”safe”) please give us a call! They both really did have a great time – and yes, they had some good stories! We’ve gotten the pictures developed (they each lost a roll of film 🙁 It’s so beautiful – I’m even tempted (by train, of course:) I know Kevin would love to go back again – he really enjoyed the people he met & especially the guide on the trail. Several people told him how much they liked Arequipa – so he’s ready to try that next & of course more hiking, he just loved it. Kevin’s already off on his next adventure – he’s visiting one of his sisters in St. Louis & then on to hike the Appalachian Trail for a few months. Larry’s taking it easy – getting ready for his marathon on Sunday.

I know they both enjoyed having dinner with you and thank you for the Pisco – I can’t believe they never tried it. You can be sure I will (I’ll try your recipe first:)

Anyway, the trip was a huge success.

Thanks once again for all your help & putting up with all my e-mails – I had fun, but I could NEVER be a travel agent!

Take care & call us if you’re in the DC area.

Colorado Springs, USA.

Thanks again for all that you did for us. Love Peru and wish I was there this minute. Maybe I’ll catch the wrong plane and show up on the door step around 2:00 a.m.


Yes we arrived back in Sydney on Monday at the same time as many from Bali so that was memorable in itself.

Anyway, we had a great time and enjoyed the experience very much.

The Andean Apartments in Cusco was OK and Caesar was very hospitable.

I’ll tell Edwina to send you a message. Generally everything went well, the altitude didn’t affect us too much and back home safely with lots of wonderful photos. We should have asked you to arrange a hotel in Lima for the one night on return trip as we had to rely on the advice at the airport and ended up in El Chalan (I think) in Miraflores and I certainly wouldn’t reccommend it to anyone else!

Thank you for all your assistance and organisation.


New York.

Thank you so much for making the arrangements for my trip. I totally enjoyed my vacation
in Cusco, Machu Picchu and Nazca. The Peruvian people were very friendly to me. I strongly hope
I can come to Peru again. Thank you again for your assistance.


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