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Responsible Travel

We aim to make tourism more sustainable by creating positive social, environmental and economic impacts.
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Discover the wide variety of ways you can jump into the wonders of Peru as an environmentally conscious traveler.


Our new partnership

Regenera is a global Nature stewardship community that empowers people to care for the places they love by transforming their lifestyle into regenerative actions. It is coordinated by Nature Services Peru, Peru's first certified B corporation. B corporations have an 'impact business' model, dedicated to creating value through positive actions for society.



Working, protecting and restoring






Working, protecting and restoring

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We are aware of the impact that travel has on the environment and climate.

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We have partnered Regenera to help us become completely carbon neutral.



Pictured is Lake Humantay. The water is crystal blue and at the end of the lake are Andes mountains with snow.


Peru for Less is proud to have an environmentally friendly solution for all of our visitors.

We care about the environment, and we want to encourage more people to do so. An easy environmental principle to follow is the motto “reduce, reuse, and recycle” while traveling. We offer a variety of accommodations that are not only sustainable but also contribute to local communities in one way or another. Hotels that are environmentally friendly can be a great choice while traveling, as they are mindful of their impact on the planet every day.


Six people walking on top of a stone wall with one more  person walking in front. Behind them is the Andes mountain range

The Peruvian economy

Tourism has been an important part of Peru’s economy for many years. It has played a critical role in reducing poverty for the past three decades.

Peru is one of Latin America’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting millions of visitors every year. Tourism has grown even more as it has become an important source of income for rural communities around Peru, with many people making their living from providing services to tourists or working for companies in this field such as tour operators or hotels.

A Peruvian who is dressed in traditional clothing. She is at a table that is filled with many filled plates and is squeezing juice into a bowl

Local employment

Peru is a developing country with a large population and a considerable amount of poverty. We want to give back to Peru’s society and reduce the amount of poverty in our country.

One way we can do this is by working directly with locally owned companies who support local employment. This ensures that they are able to give back to their communities while also contributing positively to the country’s economy and society.

A Peruvian who is dressed in traditional clothing. She is at a table that is filled with many filled plates and is squeezing juice into a bowl

Giving Back

Inspira is a non-profit organization that provides food and accommodation to children in Peru that are diagnosed with cancer or other rare diseases.

They aim to make sure that no child in Peru with cancer or a rare disease abandons their treatment while encouraging conservation and community life. Peru for Less felt deeply inspired by the work of this organization. We have donated to Inspira to help them finish their new location so that they can continue to help even more children throughout Peru.


Stay Travel conscious and follow theses expert tips

  1. Stay away from using single-use plastic such as straws and bags
  2. The Inca Trail has thousands of hikers each year, which creates a lot of waste. If you are hiking the Inca Trail or any trails, please pick up trash if you see any
  3. Please do not take pictures of people, especially children, without their consent. Respect ingenious people and local communities.
  4. Get off the beaten path! Hike alternative treks or visit lesser known cities in Peru
  5. Peru for Less has taken environmental initiative by giving all our adult travelers reusable water bottles in order to lower plastic water bottle waste.
  6. Our travel agency gifts all travelers tote bags. We recommend using them to avoid plastic bags and additional small plastic waste.
Two water bottles, a folder, booklet, and a tote bag are displayed on a table. All of the items are from Peru For Less Travel agency

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