looking down over Cusco plaza and tiled rooftops

The 10 Best Restaurants in Cusco (Updated 2020)

Enjoy the varied dining options. There’s something for everyone!

Street art in the Barranco District of Lima, Peru

Discover Barranco, Lima’s Cultural District

The neighborhood of Barranco offers travelers a unique taste of colorful architecture amid a budding art scene.

Casual dining: Popular Cusco cafes and hangouts

Satisfy that craving for comfort food at popular Cusco cafes and hangouts!

View of Koricancha from the Wiracocha Garden. Photo by PhotoGSuS/Panoramio website

Coricancha: Cusco’s Golden Temple of the Sun

Dedicated to the Sun God Inti, the Inca temple of Coricancha has a unique history and continues to be an important part of Cusco.

Make sure you give your body time to acclimatize before your trek. Photo from Peruvian Andes website

Travel sense: How to avoid altitude sickness

A traveler’s guide for altitude sickness: what is it; common symptoms and concerns; and management strategies.

Cusco Main Square

The top 5 hotels in Cusco

When visiting Cusco, one of the most important things can be picking the perfect hotel for your stay. Find the perfect Cusco Hotels here.

Chicly decorated and with an ocean view, Cala is one of our top recommended

Best Affordable Restaurants in Lima, Peru

Price doesn’t dictate meal quality in the capital of Peru. Merging our insider expertise and passion for food, here are four affordable restaurants in Lima for you to enjoy.

Private dining room at Maras Restaurant. Photo from Maras website

The 7 Best Upscale Restaurants in Lima

Become an expert on the best upscale restaurants in Lima, and discover why foodies from around the world are crazy about Peruvian gastronomy.