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The winding Amazon River as seen from above Iquitos, Peru

Iquitos Travel Guide: How to Explore the Peruvian Amazon

Check out our complete Iquitos guide for the best hotels in Iquitos, what to pack, Iquitos weather, top restaurants, expert advice, and more!

A photo of the earth at night from space by Nasa

Earth Hour Peru

Learn more about Earth Hour 2020 in Peru and around the World

A Guide to Peru’s Cultural Traditions and Habits

Getting to know Peru’s cultural traditions and habits is all about the experience!

Exploring Lima on 2 Wheels [Part II]

Tucked within a small shopping center on Avenida José Larco, Lima Bici is an independently owned bike shop and bike

The essential guide to gift-giving in South America

Support and empower local communities through responsible gift-giving on a trip to Peru.

It’s a jungle out there: An adventure to Peru’s Amazon

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Five ways for travelers to use less plastic: Mother Nature thanks you

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Posada Amazonas: Leading sustainable tourism in the Amazon

Posada Amazonas is a shining example of a responsible ecotourism project in Peru that involves the local community.

Young girl in Puno offers to give Brynna a new hair-do. Photo from Brynna B./Latin America For Less

Voluntourism: Brynna B.’s first-hand account of volunteering in Peru

LAFL team member Brynna B. explains how even small actions can make a big difference.