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20 Best Things to Do In, From, and Around Cusco (Chosen by Experts!)
Cusco is a magical city with lots to offer, and choosing what to do may be a daunting task. Below, we have compiled a list featuring 20 of the best things to do and attractions to visit on your trip.
10 Best Hikes in the Andes Mountains
Traveling to South America? Here are the ten best hikes in the Andes Mountains from Cotopaxi, Ecuador, all the way down to Argentinian Patagonia
What to Do in Puno: A Complete Guide
What to do in Puno including how to get there, where to stay, and what to eat. Discover Puno and Lake Titicaca with this all-in-one travel guide.
January 25, 2022travel guides, uncategorized
Peruvian Coffee: Why it’s the Best in the World
Everything you should know about Peruvian Coffee including it's history, varieties and suggestions on specialty roasters and coffee shops populating Lima's cityscape.
December 15, 2021peru, travel guides
Choquequirao Trek: The Complete Visitor’s Guide
Learn about Machu Picchu's sister city with this complete Choquequirao trek guide, including why you should visit, what to bring, the best time to go, a daily itinerary and more.
Oxapampa: A German Colony in the Peruvian Amazon
Discover the rich cultural history of Oxapampa with this detailed guide of the towns attractions.
November 29, 2021archeology, peru, travel guides
21 Best Ancient Ruins to Visit in Peru
Learn about the best ancient ruins to visit in Peru with this diverse index of archaeological sites. From Incan temples to Ancient Chimú cities, this list leaves nothing out.
Lima Airport: Everything You Need to Know Before Flying
Make your way through the Lima airport worry-free with these insider tips and information about Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport.
Tipping in Ecuador: Who to Tip and How Much
Read our Ecuador tipping guide for travel tips, frequently asked questions, and tipping etiquette.
Moray: The Mind-Boggling Inca Ruins near Cusco
Discover Moray, the enigmatic Inca ruin in the beautiful Sacred Valley. Learn about its history, the best time to visit, what to see, and how to visit on your way to Machu Picchu.
Eating Vegetarian in Peru: A Travel Guide For Vegetarians
Eating vegetarian in Peru is effortless with our complete guide! Get expert tips to the best vegetarian restaurants and vegan places, vegetarian food recommendations, and more!
Sustainable Travel & Ecotourism in Peru: Complete Guide
Discover everything you want to know about sustainable travel, responsible travel and ecotourism in Peru with this complete guide.
January 17, 2021machu picchu, travel guides
Train to Machu Picchu: Everything You Need to Know
All the latest info about Machu Picchu train tickets, how to get from Cusco to Machu Picchu, luggage policies, route options, planning tips, and more.
January 3, 2021sacred valley, travel guides
Ollantaytambo: Complete Visitor’s Guide
Explore the fascinating history of Ollantaytambo and learn everything you need to know to visit this unique town in the Sacred Valley, including what to see and how to get there.
September 18, 2020archeology, peru, travel guides
Kuelap Fortress: The Complete Visitor’s Guide
The pre-Inca ruins of Kuelap are unlike anywhere else. Discover all there is to know about this archaeological site in northern Peru, from its history to how to travel there!
September 2, 2020nature, peru, travel guides
Paracas National Reserve: Complete Travel Guide
Stunning coastal scenery and diverse wildlife make the Paracas National Reserve an obligatory stop along Peru's southern coast. Plan daily excursions or go exploring solo.
Laguna 69: The Ultimate Hiking Guide
Laguna 69 is one of the best hikes in Huaraz. Check out our Lake 69 hiking guide for insider tips on what to pack for the Laguna 69 trek, where to stay, and what to expect!
Peruvian Chocolate: The Ultimate Cacao Lover’s Guide
Browse this page to learn the history, growing regions, harvesting methods, traditional uses, workshops, brands and places to buy Peruvian Chocolate.
Iquitos Travel Guide: How to Explore the Peruvian Amazon
Check out our complete Iquitos guide for the best hotels in Iquitos, what to pack, Iquitos weather, top restaurants, expert advice, and more!
August 5, 2020nature, travel guides
Visiting the Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve
Discover the natural wonders of Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve with our travel guide. Get the scoop on adventure excursions, where to get the best views, and more.
Carnival in Ecuador: How and Where to Celebrate
Explore traditions and regional ceremonies for Carnival in Ecuador, plus the date for 2021 and how to plan your trip to the festivities.
Huayna Picchu: Hiking to Machu Picchu’s Best Viewpoint
The ultimate guide to successfully hiking Huayna Picchu with all you need to know including when to go to, what to bring and what the hike is really like!
101 Best Things to Do in Lima (Chosen by Experts!)
If you're wondering what to do in Lima, be sure to check out our list of the 101 best things to do in Lima to discover the top Lima activities and attractions on your trip.
June 22, 2020peru, travel guides
Colca Canyon: Complete Travel Guide
Discover the incredible cultural history of Colca, top attractions, how to get there, and so much more.
Ausangate Trek: The Complete Trekker’s Guide
The Ausangate Trek is a challenging high altitude trek through 70 km of the Cordillera Vilcanota mountain range and features some of Peru's most extraordinary scenery.

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