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20 Best Things to Do In, From, and Around Cusco (Chosen by Experts!)
Cusco is a magical city with lots to offer, and choosing what to do may be a daunting task. Below, we have compiled a list featuring 20 of the best things to do and attractions to visit on your trip.
August 13, 2020cusco
ChocoMuseo Offers the Ultimate Peru Cacao Experience
Learn more about ChocoMuseo, a chocolate museum located in Cusco, Lima and the Sacred Valley that offers workshops, tastings, cafe and gift shop with all things Peruvian cacao.
July 30, 2020culture, cusco
Coricancha: Cusco’s Golden Temple of the Sun
Dedicated to the Sun God Inti, the Inca temple of Coricancha has a unique history and continues to be an important part of Cusco.
June 30, 2020adventure, cusco, peru
Humantay Lake: Hiking to the Beautiful Laguna Humantay
Discover everything you need to know about Humantay Lake and how to get there with this comprehensive hiking guide to Cusco's beautiful emerald lake.
The Twelve Angle Stone of Hatunrumiyoc
Learn more about the Twelve Angle Stone and how to visit this quintessential example of Inca masonry on display in Cusco – plus a special video of the site.
March 24, 2020culinary adventures, cusco
The 10 Best Restaurants in Cusco: Where to Eat in Cusco
From classic Peruvian to Japanese, Mediterranean and vegetarian options, there is something for everyone at these 10 best restaurants in Cusco.
February 24, 2020cusco, hotels, peru
Palacio del Inka: Luxury Meets History
500-year-old mansion turned 5-star boutique hotel has the sacred Coricancha temple right at its doorstep
December 3, 2019cusco
How to Get to Cusco: Planes, Trains, and Buses
Our Peru expertise helps you sort through the pros and cons of each transport option to Cusco.
November 25, 2019cusco, tips & advice
4 Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Cusco
Our restaurant selections ensure that veggie travelers eat way more than just salads!
October 24, 2019cusco, peru
Let’s Celebrate: Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Cusco
Forget holiday mayhem and travel instead! Bowing out of buying expensive gifts in exchange for having a culturally rich experience in Cusco.
September 19, 2019cusco, peru
Inti Raymi: The Inca Festival of the Sun
Learn more about Inti Raymi, a modern re-enactment of the ancient Inca festival of the sun held each year in Cusco.
July 23, 2019cusco
El Mercado Boutique Hotel: An Artsy Stay in Cusco
Enjoy our new video at El Mercado Hotel, a boutique and modern accommodation in Cusco. Delight yourself with their art based rooms, personalized services...
Cusco’s Plaza de Armas: A place of gathering
Cusco's Plaza de Armas is narrated by Inca history, Spanish architecture and native Quechua culture that will captivate you.
July 4, 2019cusco
Casa San Blas Boutique: A Traditional Hotel in Cusco
Welcome to Casa San Blas Boutique the first boutique hotel in Cusco, and as part of the artsy artisan quarter of San Blas.
August 20, 2018cusco, nature, peru
Inca Astronomy: How the Incas Saw the Stars
Inca astronomy played an important role in the civilization's fascinating belief system.
August 12, 2014cusco, travel guides
Sacsayhuaman: Ruins of a Magnificent Inca Fortress
Find out why the Inca ruins of Sacsayhuaman are a must-see on your trip to Cusco.
July 21, 2014culture, cusco
Cultural treasures: Cusco’s traditional dances and music
Bright colors and culture collide in these Cusco traditions!
April 29, 2014cusco
Palacio del Inka: A new look for a classic luxury hotel in Cusco
Enjoy luxury and a dose of cultural heritage at Palacio del Inka, a beautifully remodeled hotel in Cusco.
March 5, 2014cusco, tips & advice
Inca Spa: Experience traditional healing rituals in Cusco
These pampered treatments are fit for Inca royalty.
January 7, 2014cusco, travel guides
Casual dining: Popular Cusco cafes and hangouts
Satisfy that craving for comfort food at popular Cusco cafes and hangouts!
October 24, 2013cusco
Skylodge Adventure Suites: A Unique Cliffside Pod Hotel
For a truly unique experience, sleep in the flight zone of condors some 1,312-feet above the Sacred Valley just outside of Cusco.
Semana Santa in Cusco: An insider’s perspective
Heidy spent her childhood in Cusco and she fondly recalls the days of the holy week filled with traditions and rituals that added special significance.
August 17, 2012cusco, peru, tips & advice
Insider tips for your stay in Cusco
Our travel experts share their best tips so that you can make the best of your time in Peru's beautiful city of Cusco.
Corpus Christi in Cusco: A Traditional Religious Festival
In Cusco, Corpus Christi is a Roman Catholic holiday celebrated throughout the Christian world 9 weeks after Easter.

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