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December 26, 2022culture, hotels, tips & advice
Hotel B: A Bohemian Masterpiece in Lima
Discover the bohemian side of Lima at this chic hotel. For those who appreciate the finer things, this boutique stay never goes out of style.
What is Nikkei Food? The Trendy Cuisine You Must Try
An overview of Nikkei food, including what it is, where it comes from, and the top 7 restaurants you need to try on your next trip to Peru.
What to Do in Puno: A Complete Guide
What to do in Puno including how to get there, where to stay, and what to eat. Discover Puno and Lake Titicaca with this all-in-one travel guide.
Oxapampa: A German Colony in the Peruvian Amazon
Discover the rich cultural history of Oxapampa with this detailed guide of the towns attractions.
Quipu: The Ancient Computer of the Inca Civilization
Learn about the history and purpose of the quipu, with insights from anthropologist and best-selling author of The Last Days of the Incas Kim MacQuarrie.
July 30, 2020culture, cusco
Coricancha: Cusco’s Golden Temple of the Sun
Dedicated to the Sun God Inti, the Inca temple of Coricancha has a unique history and continues to be an important part of Cusco.
Huaca Pucllana: The Ancient Peruvian Pyramid in Lima
Discover everything you need to know about Huaca Pucllana by exploring the history, cultural significance, tour options, museum, and on-site restaurant of these fascinating ruins.
Carnival in Ecuador: How and Where to Celebrate
Explore traditions and regional ceremonies for Carnival in Ecuador, plus the date for 2021 and how to plan your trip to the festivities.
June 2, 2020culture, peru
Chicha Music: A Colorful Fusion of Peruvian Sounds
Discover the rise, transformation, and influence of Peruvian chicha music from the 1960s to today.
May 26, 2020culture, peru
Uros Islands: The Floating Villages of Lake Titicaca
One of the most unique sites on Lake Titicaca are the floating Uros Islands. Learn about the history, culture, tour options, and more!
May 18, 2020culture, peru
Quechua People: A Living Andean Culture
Explore the history, music, dress, language, and cuisine of the Quechua people.
April 6, 2020culture, peru
Celebrating Easter in Peru
Explore Semana Santa traditions, typical Easter food, and regional ceremonies throughout Peru
February 11, 2020bolivia, culture, tips & advice
Carnaval de Oruro, Bolivia
One of the most unique and interesting Carnivals in South America takes place in the mining town of Oruro, in central Bolivia.
August 29, 2019argentina, culture
Meet Mafalda, the Comic Strip Character from Argentina
Mafalda is not an average six-year old comic strip character, she's a cultural icon.
Cusco’s Plaza de Armas: A place of gathering
Cusco's Plaza de Armas is narrated by Inca history, Spanish architecture and native Quechua culture that will captivate you.
January 25, 2019culture
Hacienda Dpaso Review: A Cultural Dinner Show in Lima
The Dinner & Show at Hacienda Dpaso highlights the pride that Peruvians have for their cultural traditions and food (of course)! Check out our review.
July 21, 2014culture, cusco
Cultural treasures: Cusco’s traditional dances and music
Bright colors and culture collide in these Cusco traditions!
May 5, 2014culture, peru
Unique Mother’s Day celebrations in Peru
Peruvians are very enthusiastic about honoring Mother's Day! Learn more about their timeless traditions.
February 28, 2014culture, nature
Vicuña Wool: The Luxurious Fabric Fit for Inca Royalty
Vicuña wool is the rarest natural fiber in the world, making it the most coveted and luxurious fabric for high fashion designers.
February 18, 2014culture, peru
A Puno festival: Celebrating the Virgin of Candelaria
The dancing, music, and bright colors of the Festival of Our Lady of Candlemas are sure to lift your spirits.
December 25, 2013culture, peru
Peruvian Panetón: A Sweet Holiday Tradition
Giving and receiving panetóns, golden domes of pastry goodness, are a popular holiday tradition in Peru.
October 30, 2013culture, peru
Man of Chan Chan, Protector of the Campana
Meet the man who won’t stop fighting to protect the Chimu/ Mochica Culture and the Cerro Campana.
October 17, 2013culture
Celebrating the Day of the Dead in the Andes
Peru and Bolivia are two Andean countries that celebrate the Day of the Dead in November, a celebration that blends Catholic traditions with Andean rituals.
October 9, 2013culture, peru
Afro-Peruvian music: A frenetic fusion of cultures
Learn more about a music genre with a traditional Peruvian tune and catchy African beat.
Celebrating Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Ayacucho
Ayacucho, located in the Peruvian central highlands, is nationally recognized for having the best Semana Santa festivities in the entire of Peru.

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