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December 26, 2022 culture, hotels, tips & advice

Hotel B: A Bohemian Masterpiece in Lima

Discover the bohemian side of Lima at this chic hotel. For those who appreciate the finer things, this boutique stay never goes out of style.
Bottles of wine at Hotel B. Photo by Peru For Less
Bottles of wine at Hotel B. Photo by Peru For Less
Hidden in Barranco is an unassuming hotel that is as elusive as it is enchanting. Wake up to breakfast, enjoy afternoon tea with the locals, and fall asleep in a work of art. Here’s an introduction to your unforgettable stay in the City of the Kings.
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History of Hotel B

Originally built in 1914 as a holiday home for a wealthy Limeño family, this place has enjoyed over a century of rich history. Intricate carvings were designed for the façade–the work of French architect, Claude Sahut. As a sidenote, Sahut was also commissioned to design the Presidential Palace of Lima. Unfortunately, the palace was never finished because of a coup, but the hotel stands as one of the greatest examples of his work. The original construction included Italian marble, exotic woods, and an opulent furniture. Vaulted ceilings featured teatinas, or ventilating skylights, which allowed natural sunlight to illuminate the space. On summer evenings, people would relax on a private balcony, or dine on the expansive terrace. In 2013, the mansion was reborn as a luxury art boutique. It is now one of the finest hotels in all of Lima.


Hotel B Today

Located a few blocks from Central, one of the best restaurants in the world, you will have no shortage of dining options. There are incredible experiences on site–more on that later–and you are within walking distance of several restaurants in Barranco. Speaking of honors, Hotel B is the only hotel in Lima that belongs to the prestigious French association, Relais & Châteaux. Additionally, they also offer foodie experiences, yoga classes, and sailing excursions. Looking for art? There are over 300 original pieces throughout the property, most of them modern. (Ask for a tour with the curator if you’re interested!) When you walk in, you may feel you have entered a museum, not a hotel. This is largly because of how the building was restored.

Preserving a Masterpiece

A view of a room in Hotel B in Lima, Peru.

A restored room at Hotel B. Photo by Peru For Less

As work began, sculptors from the Fine Arts Academy strived to retain the authenticity of the original residence, while giving it a much needed makeover. Where ever possible, they matched original materials such as white stucco. They beautifully restored the Lima teatinas, interior spaces, and exterior facade. For finer details, such as wooden pieces, they hired an Italian cabinetmaker. Their efforts helped to preserve a treasured piece of history. You walk in and feel like you’re stepping back in time–back to the 1920’s Lima where the world is exciting, and anything is possible. The attention to detail is evident in each of the historic rooms.

The Rooms


The standard room comes with a surprising amount of convenience and style. Queen-size beds comfortably sleep two in the historic mansion. Relax in the private bathroom with a rainfall shower head. There is a comfortable seating area for one, as well as a desk to work. Enjoy high speed internet while you stream or check your emails. Deluxe amenities come standard with each room, such as:

  • Fleece hooded bathrobes
  • Custom organic toiletries
  • Feather pillows and duvets

Need more space? The junior suite is the way to go. It includes everything in the standard room, plus some additional features you will love:

  • Extra space to relax
  • A comfortable seating area for two
  • Private bathroom with two vanities
  • Ask for a freestanding tub!
The Atelier room at Hotel B in Lima, Peru.

Atelier room at Hotel B. Photo by Peru For Less

For the ultimate experience, you will want the premium suite. This includes everything in the junior suite, plus:

  • Extra private spaces, either a terrace or foyer
  • A large seating area
  • Desk for two people to work
  • Private bathroom with double vanities and a rain shower
  • Ask for a freestanding tub!

Breakfast, Tea, Dinner

After settling into your room, you are probably going to be hungry. Lima is known for great food, and Hotel B is no exception. A complimentary breakfast spread is included in each stay. Also included is the famous afternoon tea. While dining, look for specialties like the house Peruvian hot chocolate, traditional local pastries, and fresh seasonal fruit.

The breakfast bar at Hotel B in Lima, Peru.

The breakfast bar at Hotel B. Photo by Peru For Less

The afternoon tea is a tradition dating back to the 19th century and is an important part of daily life, especially for those in the upper class. They call it “El Lonche.” It is served from 4 to 7 pm and is a celebration of English influence after winning independence from Spain. When in Lima, do as the Limeños do. Take a break for tea and pastries!

For dinner, head to The Rooftop restaurant, which, as the name implies, is conveniently located on the roof. This place serves up contemporary food in an open-air setting. It’s also a great place to relax and have a drink. For a romantic evening, get a table and dine while you watch the sunset. They also have bar seating available for solo travelers.

The Bar

When the sun has gone down, rest your bones in the Hotel B Bar, an award-winning lounge that serves up cocktails made with native ingredients. Each drink comes in a custom-made glass, designed exclusively for the property. The Bar Manager, Axel Romero, will hook you up with a classic Pisco Sour, or you go even more exotic and ask for a Zombie Amazónico!

Get Help Planning Your Next Trip

Get Help Planning Your Next Trip

Ready to experience Hotel B for yourself? Let us book it for you on your next trip to Peru! If you need help planning, be sure to contact Peru For Less and get in touch with an expert travel advisor. They will put together a custom itinerary for you so you can worry about the more important things–like enjoying your next adventure.

Happy travels!

 Kevin Green
Kevin Green
Kevin, is an author and lover of adventure originally from northern Utah. He has a bachelor’s degree in English from BYU and a Marketing MBA from SUU. Upon visiting Peru, he fell in love with the country and decided to make Lima his new home.
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