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What is Nikkei Food? The Trendy Cuisine You Must Try
An overview of Nikkei food, including what it is, where it comes from, and the top 7 restaurants you need to try on your next trip to Peru.
What to Do in Puno: A Complete Guide
What to do in Puno including how to get there, where to stay, and what to eat. Discover Puno and Lake Titicaca with this all-in-one travel guide.
Eating Vegetarian in Peru: A Travel Guide For Vegetarians
Eating vegetarian in Peru is effortless with our complete guide! Get expert tips to the best vegetarian restaurants and vegan places, vegetarian food recommendations, and more!
December 8, 2020culinary adventures, peru
The 20 Best Restaurants in Lima: Where to Eat in Lima
The culinary capital of South America, Lima offers an incredible variety of flavors. Try the 20 best restaurants in Lima, Peru from traditional Peruvian to international cuisines.
November 10, 2020culinary adventures, peru
What is Quinoa? A Guide to the Peruvian Superfood
Native to the Andean Highlands, quinoa has taken the world by storm. Why? Learn all about the health benefits of this Peruvian superfood, how to cook it and much more!
September 10, 2020culinary adventures, peru
20 Delicious Peruvian Foods to Try (With Recipes)
The top culinary destination in the world, Peru offers an incredibly diverse array of dishes. Discover 20 delicious Peruvian foods to try while visiting or to make at home!
Peruvian Chocolate: The Ultimate Cacao Lover’s Guide
Browse this page to learn the history, growing regions, harvesting methods, traditional uses, workshops, brands and places to buy Peruvian Chocolate.
July 24, 2020culinary adventures, peru
15 Peruvian Superfoods That Will Change Your Life
Discover the rich vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flavors in these mind-blowing Peruvian superfoods that hail from the Amazon to the Andes
June 22, 2020culinary adventures
South American Sauces: 10 Unique Recipes to Try
Dive into the rich flavors of South American sauces with these ten delicious options to seek out on your next trip or make at home.
June 10, 2020culinary adventures, peru
Tiradito de Pescado (Peruvian Sashimi)
Experience a unique cultural blend of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine with this tiradito de pescado recipe.
June 10, 2020culinary adventures, peru
Peruvian Causa Rellena (Layered Potato Salad)
Impress your family and friends with this multi-layered and multi-flavored Peruvian appetizer, causa rellena!
April 24, 2020culinary adventures
15 Peruvian Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
Do you have a love for sweets and Peruvian cuisine? Check out my top 15 picks for the most popular Peruvian desserts!
March 24, 2020culinary adventures, cusco
The 10 Best Restaurants in Cusco: Where to Eat in Cusco
From classic Peruvian to Japanese, Mediterranean and vegetarian options, there is something for everyone at these 10 best restaurants in Cusco.
January 3, 2020culinary adventures, peru
Gluten-Free in Peru
Discover what to order and not to order if you have gluten sensitivity. Also, some top gluten-free restaurants and bakeries in Lima and Cusco.
October 9, 2019culinary adventures
Aji de Gallina (Chicken in Spicy Sauce) Recipe
Enjoy a classic home-cooked Peruvian meal with this delicious family aji de gallina recipe.
The 10 Best Restaurants in Arequipa, Peru
Dine like Andean royalty in Arequipa from $10 to $30 per person at any of these fine dining establishments.
August 7, 2017culinary adventures, peru
Mistura Food Festival: Peru’s Biggest Epicurean Event
Foodies find paradise at the Mistura Food Festival, Peru’s annual culinary festival. Learn more about the when, where, and what of this popular gastronomic event.
December 28, 2016culinary adventures, peru
Peruvian Cuisine: A Lima Gourmet Tour
Learn the INs and OUTs of Peru's most famous dishes with a gastronomical tour of Lima.
September 10, 2014culinary adventures, peru
Peru’s Central voted #1 restaurant in Latin America
A unique use of local ingredients and deconstructed cooking methods have earned Central the title of #1 restaurant in Latin America.
March 13, 2014culinary adventures, peru
Chifa: The Delicious Peruvian-Chinese Fusion Cuisine
Read more about my gastronomical adventure to Madam Tusan, one of Lima's classiest Peruvian Asian fusion restaurants.
Arequipa Food & Cuisine: The Best Dishes to Try
Peruvian cuisine has received glowing reviews and increased international attention. The Wall Street Journal named Peru’s food scene “The Next Big Thing.”
February 24, 2011culinary adventures, peru
Peruvian Potatoes: Peru’s Most Famous Native Crop
First cultivated on the altiplano in Peru, there are still over 2,800 varieties of potato grown, more than any other nation. Peruvians don’t take the humble spud lightly.
The best market spots in Lima for great Peruvian food
Find the best market spots in Lima with this guide to Peruvian food.

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