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A circular stone house weathered away in time at the Kuelap Fortress in Peru.

Kuelap Fortress: The Complete Visitor’s Guide

The pre-Inca ruins of Kuelap are unlike anywhere else. Discover all there is to know about this archaeological site in northern Peru, from its history to how to travel there!

A new Nazca Line of a human figure wearing a headdress. A processed image identifies the lines in more detail.

140+ New Nazca Lines Discovered in Peru

Using artificial technology, a team of scientists have found 143 new Nazca Lines, including glyphs of humans, animals, and abstract shapes etched in the Peruvian desert floor.

The sunlit Huaca Pucllana ruins on clear day with blue skies and offsetting the earthy color of the adobe bricks.

Huaca Pucllana: The Ancient Peruvian Pyramid in Lima

Discover everything you need to know about Huaca Pucllana by exploring the history, cultural significance, tour options, museum, and on-site restaurant of these fascinating ruins.

The Chincha Lines: Desert Geoglyphs Older Than the Nazca Lines

Learn about the location, history and significance of The Chincha Lines, which predate the Nazca Lines by more than 300 years.

The Twelve Angle Stone on Hatunrumiyoc Street in Cusco

The Twelve Angle Stone of Hatunrumiyoc

Learn more about the Twelve Angle Stone and how to visit this quintessential example of Inca masonry on display in Cusco – plus a special video of the site.

An Inca Ice Maiden: Meet Juanita

Mummy Juanita’s well-preserved remains were discovered atop a volcanic peak in southern Peru almost 20 years ago. Read about her story and visit her today!

The Caral Ruins: Explore a pre-Inca civilization

Caral was already a thriving metropolis when the great Pyramids of Egypt were only being built!!

Ancient girl power: The roles of elite women in Moche society

In 2013, Archeologists uncovered new evidence that broadens our understanding of roles of elite women in Moche society. Check out what they found!

 Oh, the riches! Lord of Sipan's burial under the ruins of Chiclayo is the richest tomb in the world. Photo by Sam Scholes

A northern journey to ancient treasures in Peru

Peru’s ancient treasures in the northern cities of Chiclayo and Trujillo rival those of any archaeological site in the Americas.