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Humanoid Nazca Lina, aerial photo to the left, drawing of the geoglyph to the right

New Nazca Line Discovered in Peru

Using artificial technology, scientists have found more than 140 new geoglyphs since 2006

An Inca Ice Maiden: Meet Juanita

Mummy Juanita’s well-preserved remains were discovered atop a volcanic peak in southern Peru almost 20 years ago. Read about her story and visit her today!

Older than the Nazca lines: New desert geoglyphs discovered in Peru

Explore the new rock lines found in Peru that are more ancient than the Nazca lines!

The Caral Ruins: Explore a pre-Inca civilization

Caral was already a thriving metropolis when the great Pyramids of Egypt were only being built!!

Ancient girl power: The roles of elite women in Moche society

In 2013, Archeologists uncovered new evidence that broadens our understanding of roles of elite women in Moche society. Check out what they found!

 Oh, the riches! Lord of Sipan's burial under the ruins of Chiclayo is the richest tomb in the world. Photo by Sam Scholes

A northern journey to ancient treasures in Peru

Peru’s ancient treasures in the northern cities of Chiclayo and Trujillo rival those of any archaeological site in the Americas.

Kuelap ruins, Peru, Peru vacations, Peru for Less

How to get to Gocta Waterfalls

A cancelled trip to Machu Picchu turns into an adventure to the less-traveled Gocta Waterfalls and Kuelap ruins in the Chachapoyas region of Peru.

The Moai Statues in Easter Island

Discovering Easter Island

We explore the most remote island in the world – Easter Island – a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, in the Polynesian Triangle.

The Guardian's Hut is visible at the top middle of the picture and is the place to go for panoramic pictures of Machu Picchu. Dozens of terraces and thousands of stone steps connect the different sectors of Machu Picchu.

Travel to Machu Picchu, Masterpiece of the Inca Empire

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu rests on a rocky saddle at 7,972ft (2,430 m)s above sea level between two peaks.