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A tourist in a hat takes a photo of Huayna Picchu Mountain in the glowing light.

Machu Picchu Photography: How to Take the Best Photos

Master your Machu Picchu photography before you go! Learn how to select the best viewpoints, find the perfect light, avoid the crowds and so much more.

Peru celebrates National Dog Day with the Peruvian Hairless

Across the globe, dog owners, fans, and friends are celebrating National Dog Day and, Peru is no different. Started a decade ago, the day aims to recognize the canines who complete our otherwise human families.

Small boat moving across the water at sunset on Lake Titicaca.

Photo of the Week: Sunset Cruise

Another day at Lake Titicaca comes to an end in Peru.

A man and woman dressed in black tango in front of colorful storefronts in Buenos Aires.

Photo of the Week: Tango in The Park

The sultry moves in this photo are part of the Buenos Aires experience.

Photo of the Week: Soaring High Above Rio de Janeiro

Latin America For Less traveler Anna Surban shows us the mile-high perspective of Rio de Janeiro in this week’s photo.

Photo of the Week: Side By Side

Learn more about the endangered giant tortoises in the Galapagos.

Photo of the Week: Balancing Act

Is the playfulness of youth enough to fuel this mission of touching the sky?

Silhouettes of a car and five travelers on the Uyuni salt flats at sunset.

Photo of the Week: Sunrise Over Salt

Catch the morning rays of sun over the world’s largest plain of salt in Bolivia.

Photo of the Week: Spheres of Joy

High energy and steady balance are needed for this nontraditional pastime in Chile.