Bolivia snapshots: Creativity with a hint of salt

Which funny photo of Bolivia's Uyuni Salt Flats is your favorite?
by Britt Fracolli

Travelers often come to Bolivia to see salt – and a whole lot of it! The country’s Uyuni Salt Flats are the largest in the world and cover 4,086 squared miles (10,582 km2), an area roughly the size of Hawaii.

The desolate beauty of this flat terrain is something to marvel and provides great photo opportunities that play with perspective.

Here are some of our favorites…

Bolivia Salt Flats 4, Edwin of Einshtein, Latin America For LessPhoto by Edwin/Einshtein blog

Our bets are with the fellow on the right for this game of push and pull.

Bolivia Salt Flats, by Jodi Ettenberg, Latin America For LessPhoto by Jodi Ettenberg

Coming soon!! Honey I Shrunk the Tourists.

Bolivia Salt Flats, Latin America For LessPhoto from Sylvana Zavala

Sylvana, an awesome travel advisor at Latin America For Less, is the main focus of this photograph.

Bolivia Salt Flats 5, by Sam Roberton, Latin America For LessPhoto by Sam Roberton

The crash landing of this new Uyuni adventure sport could be a bit salty.

Bolivia Salt Flats, Peru For LessPhoto by Dave/Dave´s Around the World Adventures blog

Bolivia is home to the largest salt flats AND the biggest can of Pringles.

Bolivia Salt Flats, by Jessica Advocat of Flickr, Peru For LessPhoto by Jessica Advocat/Flickr

Cruise the salt fields in an eco-friendly shoe.

Bolivia Salt Flat, Latin America For Less

“There is nothing to fear about skydiving here.  It’s not a really long fall,” says John Doe,  a fictional skydiving expert in Uyuni.

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