Introduction to Peruvian cuisine: A gastronomical tour in Lima


Eating Ceviche in Lima
On a gastronomical tour in Lima, you will learn how to make Peruvian style ceviche (raw white fish marinated in limón and red onions).
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Peru: A foodie’s gastronomical mecca

Are you a passionate foodie and want to go behind the scenes to create some of Peru’s most popular dishes? Now you can with a gastronomical tour in Lima. Learn where to buy produce and how to select the best ingredients to make some classic Peruvian favorites, like ceviche and lomo saltado.

The local market in Miraflores, LimaThe freshest ingredients are found at the local markets, not big grocery stores.
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Peru has a reputation for conceiving some of the most delicious dishes in Latin America. From unique meat delicacies of the high Andes mountains to the spicy plates of Arequipa, Peruvian cuisine is a diverse blend of ingredients to entice any palate.

As the largest city in Peru, Lima is a hub where visitors can sample all of the country’s famous dishes.

What to expect

A pisco sour demonstration in LimaLearn to make the most famous cocktail in Peru: the pisco sour.
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On a gastronomical tour in Lima, you will spend an afternoon (about 4 hours) learning about the different ingredients that go into Peru’s most famous dishes, including where to buy and how to select them. Then you are invited to participate in a cooking class at the upscale Rosa Nautica restaurant where an experienced chef will guide you through the steps to preparing authentic Peruvian style ceviche. Afterwards, one of the experienced bar staff will demonstrate how to make the delicious and popular Peruvian cocktail, the pisco sour. At the end of the demonstrations, you will be able to enjoy your creations with a breathtaking view of Lima’s Pacific coastline.

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