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July 8, 2020 peru, urban

Lima Nightlife: The 10 Best Bars in Lima, Peru

Not sure where to go for a fun night out in Lima, Peru? Visit these 10 best bars throughout the city to discover Lima nightlife.
Bramble cocktail at Carnaval Bar in Lima. Photo by Carnaval Bar on Facebook.
Bramble cocktail at Carnaval Bar in Lima. Photo by Carnaval Bar on Facebook.

Lima offers a great number of bars. Whether you are looking for an elegant evening out or a laid back experience, Lima has got you covered. Head to upscale Miraflores, artsy Barranco, or even the Historic Center for a taste of Lima nightlife. Check out our list of the best bars in Lima, Peru!

Table of Contents

1. Carnaval

Carnaval Bar is located in Lima’s upscale San Isidro neighborhood. Not only is Carnaval one of the best bars in Lima, but it is also one of the best bars in the world. Only 2 years after opening its doors in 2017, the bar placed 13th on The World’s 50 Best Bars 2019 list, making it the second best bar in South America.

The concept of the bar was inspired by the owner’s travels around the world while working as a bartender. From these experiences, he took home new and innovative recipe ideas. Our recommendation is the “Alegoria Alegria” cocktail made with gin, elderberry liqueur, cucumber, lime, and mint. For a more in depth cocktail journey, they also offer a tasting menu of seven speciality drinks. Besides fantastic cocktails, Carnaval also serves appetizers, entrees, and desserts, each made with a unique alcohol.

The interior is cozy and well-decorated. In particular, over 800 bottles of liqueurs from around the globe are part of the decor, reflecting the concept of bringing together diverse flavors.

Photos by Carnaval Bar.

2. Gran Hotel Bolivar

The Gran Hotel Bolivar is a historic hotel located in the Historic Center of Lima. Built in 1924, the hotel has since been a key feature of Plaza San Martin. This plaza was inaugurated just a few years earlier, in 1921, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Peru’s independence. Peruvian architect Rafael Marquina designed the hotel with the aim to modernize Lima and also to give visiting politicians a stately place to stay. In addition to politicians, the hotel has also welcomed a number of famous guests, such as Orson Welles, Ava Gardner, and John Wayne in the 40s and 50s.

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In 1972, it was declared a national monument, but with continuing modernization and newer, more luxurious hotels emerging, the popularity of the hotel has declined over the years. Even so, the Gran Hotel Bolivar cocktail lounge is a must visit in Lima. It offers great old school charm and one of the biggest and best pisco sours in Peru, the Pisco Sour Catedral.

3. DaDA Bar

DaDA Bar is located in a converted colonial mansion in Barranco. In short, they turned the colonial style building into a funky bar, where every room has a unique theme. The outdoor patio is also lovely, especially during the summer months. The name stems from Dadaism, an artistic movement from 1916. Think Mona Lisa wearing sunglasses or with a mustache, for example.

Art, culture, and gastronomy are meant to combine at DaDA Bar. For this reason, the bar puts on all kinds of events, from art galleries and stand up comedy to readings and concerts. Experience some bohemian nightlife in Lima with their signature pizza and specialty gin cocktails.

4. Barra 55

Another Barranco bar, Barra 55, offers more than 20 different types of gin. Barra 55 got its name as a result of the size of the bar, which is exactly 55 square meters (about 180 square feet). This intimate space became one of the most popular bars in Barranco for locals to go after work. The modern, nordic-inspired decor, the high quality drinks, and the tasty snacks put it on the list of the best bars in Lima, Peru. Besides gin, the menu also includes cocktails with rum, pisco, and whiskey, as well as craft beers and ciders. For snacking, they offer several small plates, such as cheese platters and Spanish tortilla.

5. BarBarian

BarBarian was one of the first craft beer breweries to open in Peru and still is one of the best of Lima’s breweries to this day. Their first location is right by Parque Kennedy in the heart of Miraflores. Walking into their Miraflores location, the hand-painted walls are the first thing you’ll notice. Then your eyes will surely wander to the beer bottles from all over the world stacked up on another wall. Overall, it is a great, vibrant atmosphere for a beer or two. Choose from 20 rotating craft beer options, some of them infused with Peruvian flavors, such as coca leaves and quinoa. Meanwhile, food options include burgers, sandwiches, wings, and fries. BarBarian is a very popular Lima nightlife spot so make sure to arrive early to secure a seat. Additionally, you can find a second BarBarian in Barranco.

Photos by BarBarian.

6. Juanito

Juanito is one of the oldest bars in Barranco. Since it opened in 1937, writers and artists regularly visited the bar over the years. It was open until 2010, when the owner and namesake, Juan “Juanito” Casusol, died. However, after a four year hiatus, his sons re-opened the bar in 2014. It is especially loved for the attentive and kind service, as well as the tasty food options. Stop in for a strong chilcano or a pint of beer. After that, we recommend the tacu tacu or ají de gallina if you’re hungry. Juanito is certainly among the most relaxed and friendliest Peruvian bars to experience Lima nightlife.

7. Ayahuasca

Any list of the best bars in Lima has to include the one-of-a-kind Ayahuasca bar. Located in the bohemian district of Barranco, Ayahuasca is a converted casona from the 1880s. They turned an old Republican-style mansion into a fun bar with several themed rooms. Ayahuasca has become one of the most unique bars in Peru since it opened in 2008.

They offer a large menu of cocktails, most of which include Peruvian pisco. Visitors should try their Ayahuasca Sour made out of pisco, coca leaves, aguaymanto (gooseberry), and tumbo (banana passionfruit). In addition to cocktails, you can also enjoy a wide range of snacks. Our favorite is Piqueo Ayahuasca: a selection of traditional Peruvian appetizers such as fried chicken, tequeños, and anticuchos.

8. Barranco Beer Company

As the name suggests, Barranco Beer Company is a brewery in the heart of Barranco. Since opening in 2013, it has become BarBarian’s most fierce competitor. Their bar is a comfortable taproom with both indoor seating and an open air terrace on the top floor. They always serve 4 flagship beers and 11 seasonal drafts, all brewed on location. In addition, you can choose from pizza, sandwiches, fries, and more for snacking.

9. La Destilería

La Destilería is a popular bar and lounge in Miraflores. In addition to good cocktails and snacks, they also have DJs and live music at night. The bar is cozy with beautiful decorations and an industrial, vintage feel. Our favorite drink is “La Ofrenda” a bold mix of chicha de jora, pisco, passionfruit, and orange juice. Above all, La Destilería is a great place to experience Peruvian nightlife in Lima.

10. Victoria Bar

To finish up our list of the best bars in Lima, we head back to Barranco. Victoria Bar is located in the beautiful Casona Cilloniz Mansion. The menu offers a variety of cocktails, including classic favorites and signature options. The outdoor patio makes a great dance floor for the live DJs whose repertoire ranges from electronic to jazz and rock. Above all, we recommend trying one of the most popular drinks in Peru, a chilcano. A passionfruit sour is also a great option to start off your night exploring nightlife in Lima.

Photos by Victoria Barranco on Facebook.

Ready to try a pisco sour, chilcano, or a Peruvian craft beer experiencing Lima nightlife? Our expert Travel Advisors are happy to help you plan your trip to Peru. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get started planning today.

 Sabrina Biegerl
Sabrina Biegerl
Born and raised in Germany, Sabrina was lucky enough to extensively travel through Europe from a young age. Being bitten by the travel bug and aspiring to explore more countries and cultures away from home, she decided to travel to South America. After traveling to Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina she fell in love with the continent and decided to settle in Peru.
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