Palacio del Inka: A new look for a classic luxury hotel in Cusco

Enjoy luxury and a dose of cultural heritage at Palacio del Inka, a beautifully remodeled hotel in Cusco.
A deluxe colonial room at the Palacio del Inka Hotel in Cusco.
A deluxe colonial room at the Palacio del Inka. Image: "Deluxe Colonial Room Bedroom - Palacio del Inka Hotel, Cusco, Peru" by TravelingOtter is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Travelers looking for first-class service and a dose of cultural heritage need look no further than Palacio del Inka, a completely remodeled classic hotel in Cusco that’s one of Peru For Less’ top five-star picks.

Echoes of an Inca past

Located at the site of one of Cusco’s first luxury lodgings, formerly known as the Libertador, the newly renovated Palacio del Inka has been integrated into the Luxury Collection as part of the Starwood Brand.

Over the course of two years, the hotel has undergone renovations in order to deem it fit for upscale hospitality standards as well as preserve its authentic charm.

The hotel’s rooms were upgraded and its interior redesigned to follow a colonial theme, while keeping original Inca features of the building intact.

colonial-style lobby of Palacio del Inka Hotel in Cusco, Peru

Welcome to the beautiful lobby of Palacio del Inka.

Palacio del Inka resides in a 16th century colonial mansion that was built for the conqueror and first governor of Peru, Francisco Pizarro. Constructed on the foundations of the Acllahuasi, the site was once home to the chosen Inca Virgin of the Sun.

Reminders of the hotel’s historical site are evident today. Koricancha, the Golden Temple of the Sun, is located just across the street, while original Inca masonry can be seen in the hotel’s walls across the entrance and restaurant.

A remodeled classic in Cusco

Paired with modern amenities and superior service, Palacio del Inka is a remodeled classic that ranks among the top-tier luxury hotels in Cusco.

The interior design of all the rooms has been redone to give visitors a more colonial experience.

Original colonial artifacts, such as jewelry boxes, nightstands and pottery, are on display throughout common areas and in the hotel rooms. Its walls and ceilings have also been hand painted with intricate artwork by Cusco artisans. New comfortable beds with plush bedding have been installed in each of the rooms along with LCD TVs and iPod docks.

Room at Palacio del Inka Hotel in Cusco, Peru

Soak up some colonial-style luxury.

Palacio del Inka Hotel in Cusco, Peru

The rooms at Palacio del Inka are classic colonial with a touch of modern style.

Palacio del Inka now has a new 5,380 sq ft (about 500 sq m) spa. Professional staff offer a range of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. Visitors can also enjoy the spa’s water circuit, which involves the use of a pool with various water jets/Jacuzzi, a steam room, sauna and various showers.

Spa at the Palacio del Inka Hotel in Cusco, Peru

Rest and relax in style on your Cusco vacation. 

The hotel restaurant, Inti Raymi, was reworked during the renovation process and now looks over the interior courtyard. Its menu offers delicious Andean dishes as well as international food options.

eating in the restaurant in Palacio del Inka

Admire a courtyard view from the hotel restaurant.

beautiful courtyard of Palacio del Inka in Cusco, Peru

Enjoy the welcoming ambiance of the hotel’s charming courtyard.

Enjoy a luxurious tour of Cusco

Experience luxury and Cusco history at the completely remodeled Palacio del Inka. Choose from a variety of different Cusco and Machu Picchu fully customized tours and check them off your bucket list! To book your own dream vacation to Peru and for more information about staying at Palacio del Inka, call and talk with an expert travel advisor now!