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As a part of our mission here at Peru For Less we believe in giving back to the community. Every year we send thousands of travelers on unforgettable Peru vacations, and allow them to get a look into the history, culture, and beauty of Peru. Whether it be on a trip to the Amazon or a Machu Picchu tour, travelers from all over the world learn more about Peru and its history.

However, Peru is a vast country with a variety of different terrains and regions, many of which are not explored during the typical trip to Peru. There are many parts of Peru which struggle to live day to day, and although the country’s economic status has been on the rise, there are still communities that lack the necessary resources to survive. This June, Peru For Less was lucky enough to again be involved in “Una Sonrisa de Abrigo en Invierno-Cotataqui,” roughly translated, “A warm smile for the winter.”

Cotataqui, Peru travel

Cotataqui, Peru travel

In collaboration with Casa San Blas Boutique Hotel and other generous organizations, this program was able to bring a bit of warmth and awareness to a rural Andean community in the Pisac district of Peru. This community of Cotataqui, located close to one of Peru’s top tourist destinations, Cusco, endures harsh winter temperatures which compromises the health of the people and the local crops.

Peru For Less, along with many others, is proud to have lent a helping hand to provide the community with a variety of resources. The community’s local school received two new televisions and DVD players as well as CDs and DVDs of educational material. Health care specialists also donated their time to give presentations about alcoholism and domestic abuse, to raise awareness throughout the community. Meanwhile, the children of the community received a variety of jackets and fleece ware to utilize throughout the winter, helping to complete the project’s goal of providing a warm smile with a winter coat!

Peru For Less is dedicated to providing the best value Peru travel itineraries for travelers from around the world, while also focusing on being socially responsible and giving back to the many local communities.


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