Puerto Maldonado: Discover the Amazon

The Peruvian Amazon is teeming with unique flora and fauna which can be accessed from a variety of areas, however, the best place is Puerto Maldonado.
An exotic bird perched on a branch in Tambopata National Reserve near Puerto Maldonado.
The Tambopata National Reserve near Puerto Maldonado is full of exotic birds and other animals to observe. Photo by Jean Vella on Unsplash.

Peru is the perfect South America vacation destination, offering a wide variety of landscapes and attractions. The countryโ€™s diversity attracts travelers from all over the world, whether it is for a Machu Picchu tour high up in the mountains, a flight over the Nazca lines in the deserts south of Lima, or to relax on the beaches of the north. Covering over half of the country, the Amazon rainforest is also a popular destination for Peru vacations. The perfect addition to any itinerary, the Amazon offers adventure travelers, as well as wildlife and nature lovers a place to explore.

Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Enjoy the beauty of the Amazon in Puerto Maldonado

The Peruvian Amazon is teeming with unique flora and fauna which can be accessed from a variety of areas, however, the best place to base your Amazon travel is Puerto Maldonado. Experience the beauty and biodiversity of the rainforest in Puerto Maldonado located in the southeast of Peruโ€™s Amazon and situated near the Brazilian and Bolivian borders. An ideal jump off point for an Amazon vacation, Puerto Maldonado has an outstanding location not far from Machu Picchu, excellent accommodations, and a variety of tours available.

The capital of the beautiful Madre de Dios region, Puerto Maldonado is set amongst a variety of microclimates including subtropical rainforests, cloud forests and humid forests. Located near the Tambopata National Reserve, Manu National Park, and off the banks of the Tambopata River, this area is known for its incredible biodiversity.ย  Travelers are sure to have a one-of-a kind Amazon experience when staying at one of the many incredible Amazon lodges located along the river.

There are a variety of lodges available for your stay in the Amazon. The best choice for your stay depends on your expectations. If you are looking for hot water and electricity throughout most of the day, there are several options, and there are several more for those looking for a more rugged experience. Check out a variety of Amazon lodges available in Puerto Maldonado.

However the most important factor in deciding which lodge is right for you is the available tours. Each lodge offers a different variety of tour options from canopy walks to night hikes, caiman tours, and kayaking. To ensure you get the most out of your Amazon travel, pick the tour itinerary that is most appropriate for your tastes. To help you get a feel for the tours offered some of our expert staff has shared their favorite Amazon tours.

Puerto Maldonado, Peru Amazon travel

Silvana captured this amazing shot of Lake Sandoval during her canoe trip.

One of the most highly recommended tours is to the stunning Lake Sandoval. Only accessible by water, you will travel down the narrow passage to the lake where you will be rewarded with spectacular views. Our expert Travel Advisor Silvana captured the above picture during her canoeing trip. Silvana recommends you take along some binoculars because the lake is perfect for birdwatching. Relax on the lake or navigate, like Aleks, our Destinations Manager, did during his tour. He was able to explore the lake while getting some great views of the surrounding wildlife. Keep in mind that tours to Lake Sandoval are not offered by all lodges, only those in close proximity to the lake offer excursions.

Lake Sandoval, Peru

Aleks enjoyed cruising around Lake Sandoval during his canoe trip in Puerto Maldonado.

Another highly recommended option is a nature hike which most lodges offer through the surrounding forest. The quality of these hikes all depends on the guide; all reputable lodges have expert guides who will lead you through the forest. The extensive knowledge the guides possess is sure to โ€œwowโ€ you as you trudge through the diverse flora and encounter the different types of fauna. However, exploring the Amazon is sure to come with a few surprises! Our Sales Team Leader, Matt happened to stumble across this creature during his trip to Puerto Maldonado.

Puerto Maldonado

WHOA! That’s one big snake Matt is holding, and just one of the many creatures he came across during his Amazon trip.

There are many other great tours offered by lodges, some of which include a night caiman watch, visits to local farms, and canopy walkways and towers. Though not all lodges offer canopy walkways, most offer a lookout tower to view the marvelous jungle from above. Those who are interested in exploring the treetops should be sure their lodge includes the canopy walkways such as the one seen below. A great way to get a feel for the expansiveness of the jungle, a canopy tour is highly recommended.

Explore the vast Amazon in Puerto Maldonado during your Peru vacation. To learn more about adding a trip to the Amazon onto your Peru itinerary, contact one of our expert travel advisors today!

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