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Carnival festivities: Celebrating Afro-Argentine heritage in Buenos Aires

Argentina is rich with African cultural heritage, and this is celebrated during Carnaval each year.

Vicuña wool: Fabric fit for Inca royalty

Vicuña wool is the rarest natural fiber in the world, making it the most coveted and luxurious fabric for high fashion designers.

A taste of the holidays in Peru. Photo by Nicolca since 1972/Flickr

Peruvian Holidays: Indulge in the panetón tradition

Giving and receiving panetóns, golden domes of pastry goodness, are a popular holiday tradition in Peru.

Young girl in Puno offers to give Brynna a new hair-do. Photo from Brynna B./Latin America For Less

Voluntourism: Brynna B.’s first-hand account of volunteering in Peru

LAFL team member Brynna B. explains how even small actions can make a big difference.

Latin Tradition: Celebrating the Day of the Dead in the Andes

Peru and Bolivia are two Andean countries that celebrate the Day of the Dead in November, a celebration that blends Catholic traditions with Andean rituals.

Percy Valladares making is way to the Cerro Campana. Photo by Victor Corcuera Cueva

Man of Chan Chan, Protector of the Campana

Meet the man who won’t stop fighting to protect the Chimu/ Mochica Culture and the Cerro Campana.

South America street art: Creativity with an urban canvas

A peek at the South America street art movement through some of the most impressive works found in Peru, Brazil and Argentina.

Dancing not optional. Photo by Susie Poulelis/Flickr

Afro-Peruvian music: A frenetic fusion of cultures

Learn more about a music genre with a traditional Peruvian tune and catchy African beat.

Gaucho in Argentina by Eddie Thorton

Saddle Up with Argentina’s Gaucho Culture

Celebrated in Argentina for their nomadic lifestyles and superb horsemanship, learn why gauchos were South America’s answer to the cowboy.