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Meet Mafalda, the Comic Strip Character from Argentina

Mafalda is not an average six-year old comic strip character, she’s a cultural icon.

A native Peruvian woman and two children stand with two tourists. A man crouches to take a photo.

Cusco’s Plaza de Armas: A place of gathering

Cusco’s Plaza de Armas is narrated by Inca history, Spanish architecture and native Quechua culture that will captivate you.

Hacienda Dpaso Review: A Cultural Dinner Show in Lima

The Dinner & Show at Hacienda Dpaso highlights the pride that Peruvians have for their cultural traditions and food (of course)! Check out our review.

Cultural treasures: Cusco’s traditional dances and music

Bright colors and culture collide in these Cusco traditions!

Unique Mother’s Day celebrations in Peru

Peruvians are very enthusiastic about honoring Mother’s Day! Learn more about their timeless traditions.

Vicuña Wool: The Luxurious Fabric Fit for Inca Royalty

Vicuña wool is the rarest natural fiber in the world, making it the most coveted and luxurious fabric for high fashion designers.

Many dancers with bright, intricate costumes dancing in the streets of Puno, Peru.

A Puno festival: Celebrating the Virgin of Candelaria

The dancing, music, and bright colors of the Festival of Our Lady of Candlemas are sure to lift your spirits.

A taste of the holidays in Peru. Photo by Nicolca since 1972/Flickr

Peruvian Panetón: A Sweet Holiday Tradition

Giving and receiving panetóns, golden domes of pastry goodness, are a popular holiday tradition in Peru.

Young girl in Puno offers to give Brynna a new hair-do. Photo from Brynna B./Latin America For Less

Voluntourism: Brynna B.’s first-hand account of volunteering in Peru

LAFL team member Brynna B. explains how even small actions can make a big difference.