Feel the Love With 7 Llama Photos

Check out these endearing and funny photos of South America's favorite mammal.
A baby white alpaca wraps its head around a brown alpaca's neck, appearing like they are hugging.
Photo by by Rambako the Jaguar/Flickr

Perhaps the most beloved mammals of the Andes, llamas live in the mountainous regions of Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina and captivate the curiosity of travelers. Admired from afar or enjoyed in a close encounter, these animals express a range of emotions that we’ve captured in some of our favorite llama photos.  

#7 An Adventure Tag Along
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Photo by Mariel Gonzales/Flickr

The lack of oxygen in the Andes makes breathing very difficult for most animals, but llamas live comfortably at high altitudes because their blood contains a lot of hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying substance of cells. Lucky for llamas, they can breath deep in the Andes and don’t have to worry about altitude sickness.

#6 Show Some Llama Love
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Photo courtesy of Hazel G.

Traveler Hazel G. shared some llama love on her recent trip to Peru. A local woman from Cusco observed in silent amusement while Hazel introduced herself to her new friend.

#5 Just One of Those Days
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Photo by Mads Madsfoto Johansen/Flickr

Llamas are regarded as independent, gentle and calm. They are social animals that need the companionship of their species, but the offset ears and facial expression of our friend in the picture above is proof that even a llama needs some quality alone time.

#4 The Rumors Are True
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Photo by reway2007/Flickr

Yes, the spitting tendencies of llamas are true, but it’s seldom directed at humans unless they’ve been mistreated. Llamas spit at other llamas when they are agitated, feel threatened or want to ward off unwanted attention from suitors.

#3 Follow the Llama Leader
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Photo by scuzzilla/Flickr

Wake up early to watch the sun’s rays disperse the morning mists in company of a llama, your best friend on an Andean trek. The two-toed feet of a llama and its leathery soles allow them to traverse rocky terrain with ease and agility. For this reason, environmentally conscious trekking companies often use llamas as pack animals because their soft-footing is less intrusive to the native environment.

#2 High Andean Fashion
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Photo by Tammy/Flickr

Llamas have long and thick hair that keeps them warm during cold mountain days. Unlike their guanaco ancestors that are mostly brown, the various colors and color combinations of each llama give them a style of their own. In the photograph above, the Andean breezes blow through our llama friend’s long white locks to create a careless, wind-swept look.

# 1 Strike a Pose
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Photo by Peter Hodges/Flickr

Travelers will likely meet some llamas in the Andean region of South America. Keep your camera close because you never know when the opportunity to strike a pose with a llama will arise.

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