Meatless Gourmands: The best vegetarian friendly restaurants in Cusco

Veggies won't go hungry in Cusco! Check out our top pick vegetarian friendly restaurants.
by Britt Fracolli


The famed fusion and diversity of Peruvian cuisine is not limited to meat dishes, like lomo saltado and ceviche. In Cusco, there are great restaurant options for vegetarian and vegan travelers to curb their hunger. Here’s a look at the city’s best veg-friendly eateries and tips on what to order.

Green Point

Collage of the vegan dishes at Green Point Restaurant in CuscoPhotos by Green Point

News about the delicious dishes served at Green Point has spread like wildfire since its May 2013 opening. In fact, the 100% vegan restaurant just opened its second Cusco location in Plaza San Francisco to compliment its original San Blas neighborhood locale. Green Point restaurants offers a popular set lunch menu that comes with a salad, soup, main course, drink and dessert. This is very affordable lunchtime grub at only S/10-S/12 (about U$4).

From raw brazil nut cheese topped salads and quinoa burgers to an extensive dessert menu, the vegan food prepared by the Green Point culinary team is impressive in taste and presentation. The restaurant abides by strict vegan and organic practices. No animal products nor genetically modified foods or ingredients with monosodium glutamate (MSG) are used.

Meal portions are hearty and gluten free options are on the menu. Vegan specialities, such as almond cheese, cashew nut milk, jams and yogurts are also for sale, but need to be ordered in advance since all products take up to one day to prepare. Freshly baked bread, either olive or tomato, can be bought for S/4.

Visit the Green Point website at http://www.greenpointveganrestaurant.com/.
San Blas address: 235 Calle Carmen Bajo
Open Daily: Breakfast 8-11am; Set Lunch 12-3pm; A la carte 8am-10pm
San Francisco address: 310 Plaza San Francisco
Open Monday to Saturday, 8am-10pm

Greens Organic

Collage of the dishes at Greens Organic RestaurantPhotos by Greens Organic/Cusco Restaurant Group

Gourmet dishes made with organically grown produce from the Sacred Valley are Greens Organic’s specialty. Executive Chef, Stephan Joubert, and his team honor the restaurant’s organic ethos with a healthy menu of both vegetarian friendly and meat options. It’s a great place for a group of travelers to eat because every dietary preference is satisfied. Several Peru for Less vegetarian clients have eaten here and rave about the food!

Any of the quinoa vegetarian dishes come highly recommended, from the quinoa soup to the ravioli to the pancakes. There are also delicious meat-free sandwiches, soups, and salads. You cannot go wrong with any of the smoothies made from exotic blends of fresh fruit.

The restaurant is located on the second story of a restored colonial house with a lovely balcony from which you can see the Plaza de Armas. Brunch, lunch and dinner are served. Greens Organic is the latest addition of the Cusco Restaurant Group responsible for other popular dining establishments in the city. Read more about LIMO, MAP Cafe, and Pachapapa, apart of Cusco Restaurant Group, in our popular blog article, Dining in the Clouds: 6 top restaurants in Cusco.

Greens Organic address: Santa Catalina Angosta 135, second floor, Plaza de Armas
Dinner reservations: +51 (84) 254 753 or greens@cuscorestaurants.com
Website: http://www.cuscorestaurants.com/greens-organics/ (Spanish only)
Price range: S/20- S/50

Granja Heidi

Collage of the dishes from Granja Heidi Restaurant in Cusco. Photos by Cusco Travelers/TripAdvisor

Granja Heidi translates to “Farm Heidi” that  hints at the nutritious meals served. This local eatery specializes in fresh dairy products and many ingredients used in the dishes are organic. Its European-Peruvian fusion menu has tasty vegetarian friendly options, including delicious stuffed peppers. For dessert, try the crepes, that have a reputation for being the best in Cusco.

The set lunchtime menu at Granja Heidi is a favorite amongst Cusco regulars and travelers alike. This menú del día typically has two main course options, vegetarian or not, influenced by what’s in season and fresh.

Granja Heidi address: Cuesta San Blas 525, 2nd floor
Open for: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Price Point: S/15-40 per plate

Shaman Restaurant

Shaman-Vegetarian-Restaurant-CuscoPhotos by Cusco Travelers/TripAdvisor

Shaman Restaurant focuses on food as spiritual nourishment from Pachamama (Quechua for Mother Earth). Healthy raw, vegan and vegetarian options are served for lunch and dinner. Like other dining establishments in Cusco, Shaman Restaurant has a daily set menu that includes salad, soup, a main dish, and tea or cold beverage.

Shaman Restaurant address: Santa Catalina Ancha 366 B
Open Monday to Saturday, 10am-10pm
Price Point: S/15-25 per plate
Learn more about the Shaman Restaurant and its Andean Wisdom at http://www.shamancenter.org.

3 great eateries with some veg-friendly dishes

The following restaurants have a handful of great vegetarian friendly dishes, adding to the diversity of meatless meals.

Korma Sutra (Tandapata 909, San Blas, Cusco) dubs itself “The Curry House” and cooks up delicious meals flavored with Indian spices. Oven-baked naan is the perfect compliment to the restaurant’s mild to spicy curry dishes, including great vegetarian options. Open Monday to Saturday from 1pm-10pm. Price range: S/25- S/35.

La Bodega 138 (Calle Herrajes 138) is an excellent Italian restaurant known for its specialty wood-fired pizzas, including no meat options, like the classic Margarita or Rafaela (with mozzarella cheese, black olives, mushrooms, tomato and rucola). All of restaurant’s salads are made with organic vegetables. The Bodega salad is a classic! Open Monday to Sunday from 12pm to 10:30pm. Price range: S/25- S/40.

Jack’s Cafe (Calle Choquechaka 509, San Blas, Cusco) is a popular eatery in Cusco with a constant flow of international travelers. Among its menu of classic comfort foods such as all day breakfasts, big toastie sandwiches and hearty salads. Check out the restaurant’s full menu on http://jackscafecusco.com/. Open daily from 7:30am to 11:30pm. Price range: S/15- S/25.

Tells us about your favorite veggie restaurant in the comment section below.  Buen provecho!