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MIL more than a restaurant... an institution

MIL more than a restaurant... an institution

Allow us to customize your Peru experience by adding two of the most sought-after restaurants in Latin America to your itinerary: Central and MIL.

“It is the hottest gastronomic destination for food aficionados, at the forefront of the changing face of cuisine in South America. Every chef I meet or have met in the last few years has either been there or wants to.” - Chef Geeta Bansal

“The [dishes at MIL] show off the wealth and variety of the fertile Andean region and highlight and honor the country's ancestral traditions. Expect something completely unexpected.” - Forbes

Mil Experience

The MIL Experience is more than just a gourmet meal but a culinary journey beside a breathtaking Incan ruin: it’s an exclusive foodie experience.

Lunch is served next to the Moray ruins. Dine on a delectable 8-course meal of flavors sourced directly from the picturesque Peruvian landscapes that surround MIL restaurant. Top chef Virgilio Martinez uses these ingredients to create innovative dishes that honor Peruvian culture and nature. Immerse yourself into the story of Peru and its long-standing food traditions by eating at MIL Centro.

MIL Food Philosophy:

“Peruvian territory is very diverse, but we wouldn’t be this biodiverse if it wasn’t for people. If it wasn’t for our cultures.” - Malena Martinez


The MIL Experience aims to preserve ancestral knowledge through traditional methods of cultivation and food preparation techniques.


Working alongside local communities, world-renowned chefs, biologists, and anthropologists have collaborated to create this unparalleled foodie experience.


The menu at MIL has a deep connection to nature. MIL’s research branch Mater Iniciativa works to catalog and conserve Peruvian ingredients so you can enjoy them for decades to come.


Virgilio Martinez and his team at MIL experiment with ultra-local high-quality ingredients to create unique flavors for an innovative menu you won’t find anywhere else.

About Vigilio

Meet Peru For Less's exclusive new partner, owner of the highly-acclaimed Central restaurant, and winner of the world's top chef award: Virgilio Martinez.

Virgilio Martinez is a world-renowned chef and owner of the highly esteemed restaurants Central and MIL Centro. His foodie experiences take you beyond the plate and immerse you into a flavorful journey through the landscapes of Peru. Chef Martinez crafts innovative and must-try dishes that have catapulted him to the forefront of the global culinary scene.


Central was recognized with 15th place in World’s Best list. It was voted the #1 restaurant in Latin.


Virgilio was the winner of the World’s Top Chef award and featured in the Netflix docuseries Chef’s table.


MIL was established in the Sacred Valley.


MIL was South America’s Best Restaurant by FOOD & WINE.


Virgilio featured with Zac Efron on Netflix and Gordon Ramsey on National Geographic documentaries.

Experience CENTRAL & MIL with us

Peru For Less has 20+ years of crafting consistently amazing experiences for our family of travelers. Like Chef Virgilio Martinez creates once-in-a-lifetime food experiences, we design once-in-a-lifetime vacation packages that you’ll remember forever.

At Peru For Less, we’re travelers like you. Travelers seeking new experiences over dinner tables just often as at Incan ruins. Your Peru For Less travel advisor will craft your Peru itinerary with foodie highlights, enlightening tours with local English-speaking guides, transportation, and comfortable hotels. Immerse yourself into the fragrances and flavors of local cuisine by dining at MIL Centro on your way to Machu Picchu.


Central has been on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list since 2014 and has climbed its way close to the top. In 2017, Central was voted the #5th best restaurant in the entire world. Today, it’s ranked #6.


Since it first opened its doors in 2018 until today, MIL has been continuously voted by FOOD & WINE, World’s 50 Best, and Forbes as one of the best dining experiences in Latin America.

Add CENTRAL & MIL to Your Peru Itinerary


Lunch Experience - MIL can be enjoyed in all of our itineraries by adding in 1-day in the Sacred Valley.*
*MIL is located over 11,500 ft above sea level. We recommend spending at least 24h in high-altitude beforehand to enjoy your meal to the fullest.

Cusco City Tour.
MIL Lunch & train to Machu Picchu.
Machu Picchu tour & return to Cusco.


Dinner experience - Include 1-day in Lima as you prefer, in the evening you’ll be picked up for dinner at Central.

Arrival to Lima
Lima Tour & Dinner at Central
Flight to Cusco

Contact us today to personalize your travel experience with foodie highlights by adding meals at Central and MIL restaurants en route to Machu Picchu.


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