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Palacio del Inka: A new look for a classic luxury hotel in Cusco

Enjoy luxury and a dose of cultural heritage at Palacio del Inka, a beautifully remodeled hotel in Cusco.

Casa San Blas: Peruvian hospitality with Andean textile tradition

As a guest at this charming Cusco hotel, you’ll learn about the cultural symbolism woven into Andean textiles.

Peru flashback: A look at Cusco in the 1930s (video)

Watch this video to see how Cusco has transformed into one of the top destinations for archeological and cultural enthusiasts from around the world.

Inca Spa: Experience traditional healing rituals in Cusco

These pampered treatments are fit for Inca royalty.

Casual dining: Popular Cusco cafes and hangouts

Satisfy that craving for comfort food at popular Cusco cafes and hangouts!

A Skylodge adventurer  is all smiles as the beautiful Sacred Valley serves as her backdrop. Photo by Natura Vive

Skylodge Adventure Suites: A birds-eye view of the Sacred Valley

For a truly unique experience, sleep in the flight zone of condors some 1,312-feet above the Sacred Valley just outside of Cusco.

Cusco Main Square

The top 5 hotels in Cusco

When visiting Cusco, one of the most important things can be picking the perfect hotel for your stay. Find the perfect Cusco Hotels here.

Taking decadent to a new level with this chocolate tart. Photo from Chocolate/Facebookv

Unwrapping Cusco’s chocolate secrets: Interview with chocolateer Patricia Yep

Learn why a self-proclaimed chocolate addict opened a store in Cusco.

indulge your tastebuds at Chocolate in Peru

A Cusco treat, Peruvian chocolate

Chocolate-lovers heading to Cusco will be delightfully surprised to discover the delicious secret of this Andean city.