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Beyond Ceviche: Top Peruvian Foods You Have to Try

Go on a gastronomical adventure and try these top Peruvian meals and drinks!

Meet Latin America’s Favorite Dessert, the Alfajor

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Latin America’s most popular and decadent dessert: the alfajor.

Raise your glass: Enjoy 3 traditional drink recipes from Brazil

The most famous Brazilian cocktail, the Caipirinha, is not the country’s only traditional drink!

Peruvian Asian fusion: A culinary fantasy brought to life

Read more about my gastronomical adventure to Madam Tusan, one of Lima’s classiest Peruvian Asian fusion restaurants.

Peruvian Recipe: Flavors of Peru from Our Kitchen

Check out some Peruvian delights served fresh from our LAFL kitchen.

An expertly prepared Ceviche. Photo by Off Road Adventures

Top 10 Best Foods from Peru

Peruvians love their food, and for good reason – it’s delicious and the range of dish variety doesn’t let you get board.

Peru is home to a wide variety of superfoods.

Peru Superfoods: Healthy Fuel for Your Body

Hailing from the Andes and the Amazon, Peru’s superfoods are packed with healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients.

Chicly decorated and with an ocean view, Cala is one of our top recommended

Best Affordable Restaurants in Lima, Peru

Price doesn’t dictate meal quality in the capital of Peru. Merging our insider expertise and passion for food, here are four affordable restaurants in Lima for you to enjoy.

Private dining room at Maras Restaurant. Photo from Maras website

The 7 Best Upscale Restaurants in Lima

Become an expert on the best upscale restaurants in Lima, and discover why foodies from around the world are crazy about Peruvian gastronomy.